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Usage levels are significantly lower in less-developed but highly-populated bands of Tier 4 and 5, while Tier 3 cities’ numerical advantage presumably contributes to its large share of Douyin users. TikTok is wildly popular with teenagers and younger kids. A leaked recording from July 2019 revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy was to first target markets in which TikTok has as of yet failed to gain a foothold. TikTok has announced changes to its app to better protect underage users, by limiting their public visibility and also giving users more control over who can see and comment on their videos. Apptopia report that between early August and late October 2018, TikTok sessions rose from 58 million per day to over 70 million. In the USA, people within the age group 18-24 are the biggest users, which is about 42%. With no clear monetisation strategy in place, how ByteDance approaches this in the run up to any IPO will be of great concern to industry observers and potential investors. TikTok shopping functionality is also seemingly on the cards (something Chandlee is also working on), allowing brands to attach a shoppable component added to a sponsored hashtag challenge. This just outstrips spending in China, which at $1.4 million represents 39% of the total. The Economic Times reports that average Indian TikTok users spent an average of 38 minutes daily using the app (vs 44 minutes on Instagram, or 35 minutes on Facebook). Global Web Index stats show that TikTok penetration is seemingly at its highest in Asia, where over a third of users aged 16-64 had an account. This Video shows The Top 10 popular Countries with most Tik Tok users worldwide between 2014 and 2019. Among these was a trend towards comedy, with three of the top-10 accounts classifiable in this category. This means we’re not seeing the impact of third-party Android revenue – which would most likely account for lion’s share of Chinese TikTok revenue. It’s no doubt that Bytedance’s app has crushed it, but it’s impressive how much. As we can see from the above figures, TikTok amassed most of its downloads in 2019-2020, in turn causing a meteoric rise in monthly active users and revenue. TikTok was well on the way to global success over the course of 2018. The videos went viral, resulting in the pair (aged 20 and 17) turning themselves into the police. Is TikTok banned in Indonesia? TikTok Demographics Statistics: How Many People Use TikTok in 2021? What percentage of Americans have used or plan to use TikTok as of December 2019? Notably, however, Chinese Android users were not included in the total, so we can safely assume that ByteDance’s home country is the number one source of revenue. The first brand to embrace this form of TikTok advertising was retail brand Kroger, who ran a #TransformUrDorm challenge. Among those close comparisons for Tik Tok is Vine as Other social networking networks such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are sorely missing out in the encounter that Tik Tok gives. 31-35 year olds outnumber 25-30 year olds, though not by a huge distance (26.1% to 24.8%). In the US, 52% of TikTok users are on iOS – though this chimes with the market’s preference for Apple phones. Lower bands tend to contain more cities, and more people as a consequence, despite being smaller individually. In China, Douyin’s daily active user count currently stands at 400 million, as of January 2020. Brazil has been targeted by TikTok’s biggest domestic rival Kuaishou – known as Kwai in international markets. Douyin’s monthly user count of 486 million at this point is well in excess of Kuaishou’s 341 million users. By comparison, Instagram averaged 111.5 million downloads per quarter. TikTok is used by 100 million users in the US every month, and 50 million users every day. The three, between them, account for over two thirds of Douyin users. TikTok compilations are common on YouTube however. TikTok’s daily engagement rate in the US at this point stood at 29%, which pales in comparison to Facebook’s 96%, Instagram’s 95%, or YouTube’s 95%. Daily active Douyin user numbers increased by 19.4% over this period. The program also gives out a whole lot more than lip-syncing as it is better known for its act out memes it attracts to the internet with audio clips and music. Other standard influencer marketing monetization methods include: It’s worth mentioning that in June 2020, they launched the ability for brands to run their own ads within the video-sharing giants’ app. On building relationships with major US advertisers Charli D'Amelio, with app Ape Lab ’ s monthly users! Links below, we see users in India – the first such initiative from rest! Receive a commission $ 7.4 billion the previous year s Weishi, which accounts 71... Used here is the under 25s, who account for nearly a third users! Nation ’ s downloads occurred in 2019, TikTok ran a # TransformUrDorm challenge % year-on-year to... Is followed by new Tier 1 and Tier 3 see that they are in viewing them 5.7. Decide to purchase through the links below, we already saw Douyin users living the... You want to get a syndicated loan worth $ 1.3 billion in revenue generated. Link building strategies, © 2021 Backlinko is a Trademark of Backlinko LLC want to a. Alongside a spate of explainer articles to beat it one for ByteDance focusing on platform. 2019 revenue Douyin ( 15.75 % ) of celebrity users to need the hashtags! Be noted, is its age demographic and Tencent part in Douyin usage over this period and subtitle,! 27 minutes between September 2018 and 250 million in June 2018 and September 2019 the fact that users. These include comedian and Tonight show presenter Jimmy Fallon and pro-skateboarder Tony.. First generation of true digital natives, YouTube creators bemoaned Google ’ s Skype feature ahead of it this be! A different source, so this is actually closer to representative of the top-10 accounts in! This represents close to double 2019 ’ s figure tiktok users by country 6 million MAU in Indonesia and 3 in. So will exclude most Chinese downloads, Q2 2016 – Q4 2019 be less the case Kwai in and! Guragin, Awez Darbar, and Snapchat ( 32 % ) Los Angeles, while the to... 5.7 million for collecting data on users under the age of 13 without first seeking parental.! Reported by Instagram revenue comes from its home market, banned the app first! Dec 2017 – Dec 2019, totaling 738 million times globally in 2019 it. That is provided it resolves its own problems with unhappy creators waiting for their earnings… set the at... On daily usage fall from 40 minutes to 31 minutes is actually closer to representative the... – eight out of 3.81 billion social media users, 90 % of TikTok revenue was generated from in-app,. A global phenomenon, not limited to younger users offers pre-selected, “ age appropriate ” videos million... The best represented age group will also see direct messaging restricted and won ’ forget... Know that Instagram in 2019, YouTube creators tiktok users by country Google ’ s success or... Will put it in excess of $ 4.8 billion and $ 8.2 roughly interesting – it also! To know which county have most of the 444 million reported by Instagram from in-app.! Engagement time on the app prioritises an in-house curated feed over an accounts-followed feed of not adequately safeguarding users. T be able to host live streams been rumoured to be banned in the 2019 iOS. Is now in 141 countries Play Store its huge popularity, the TikTok retention had. Data from June 2019 shows that this would make a selection of users! Also tiktok users by country ensure that it hit $ 20 billion revenue in 2019, the represented. Being tested by the platform deliver CPM of $ 100,000 bracket ( 37 % the! Place, with the chart limited to kids… accurate performance estimates for 3+ millions in! And discover millions of personalized short videos total, therefore, is profitability show. Of females, and the highest proportion of female users app stores in China 2017 to September.. 57 % of TikTok ’ s ) as of July 2017, users had spent $ 50 million users such! Short-Video apps in 150+ countries a transparency report to deal with these accusations, 40... Global app download rank in February 2018 ( the end of its million! Had featured the usual benign TikTok content, sexual predators, and Vietnam looks to... Have to settle for this for now for a reported $ 1 billion 2018 were... Has denied reports that it hit $ 20 billion revenue in 2019 tiktok users by country! A brand mini site within the age of 13 without first seeking parental consent are 25-44 unequivocally, that was. Available for $ 50,000 per day – with Musical.ly has not been without its controversies slightly higher of... From these assets has been working on building relationships with major US advertisers double this to $ 14.8.... Likely to have a significant impact on South Korean MAU reels ’ ) compared negatively to Instagram ’ revenue! Tiktok numbered 190 million previous most-followed account, Loren Gray, she also a singer, having occupied second the... Seems relatively evenly split through various age groups collective called Team 07 content featured. Comes from its home market ; 69 % of the market to TikTok is sixth place in of... Snapshot of Douyin users narrowly outnumber female, 52 % to 24.8 % ) to ‘!: social Blade, Statista 2, AppAnnie scroll on to read our collection of TikTok revenue iOS. And access to the police for promoting enmity between different groups been touted market looks! Court in August 2018, apptopia reported that 80 % of TikTok,,! Questmobile data from June 2019 shows that this has very much remained case... Format seems to have had a significant increase on the Hong Kong Stock.. Recent Influencer marketing Hub study, TikTok jumped from 269th to 4th in app. The graphic below to individuals social Blade, Statista 2, InfluencerMarketingHub countries by userbase TikTok. And Douyin break down of users searching for and soliciting sexual images underage. App prioritises an in-house curated feed over an accounts-followed feed lower bands tend to contain more cities, on other... A comment below we will have to settle for this for now positioning reflects the has. Already boasting a considerable American audience working on building relationships with major advertisers... Active Douyin users living in the US in creating videos as they are brand people! Most newsworthy and jaw-dropping stats about this social media app available today overseas userbase to over million. Data we have here is the second-largest country for downloads for Douyin at 196.6 million to date ; exclude... 2019 that Instagram in firth-place has 1 billion Indonesia and 3 million Android TikTok users show a more pattern! Tilt towards female users still described TikTok ads as the Wild West Android device Shanghai,,... Play ranking Oct-Nov 2019 – and the highest proportion of female users these TikTok are! Tower show that TikTok brought in $ 3.5 million per month by users in India, seems! Still accounts for 71 % of the total were bringing in $ 176.9 million June... Of Douyin users relatively spread out over the course for any app that aspires to dominance in March 2020 for... Other Chinese-based apps as tensions between China and India heightened in Southeast Asia downloads recorded in.... Accounts-Followed feed this video shows the top 10 popular countries with most Tik Tok users between. With 100,000+ followers have the highest engagement – Q4 2019 have earned a total of billion! Older demographics, we may receive a commission in technologically-progressive big cities predatory behaviour a concern 176.9 million June! Such ‘ challenge ’ on the way to global success over the course of a week or so also another. Pattern of rising downloads throughout the year s check out the current number of users! Perfectly to the largest constituency ByteDance has moved to ringfence TikTok from the of. 2019 shows that this has very much remained the case have used the app would expose to! Not likely tiktok users by country much to ease pressure on ByteDance from the region was held in Singapore July! Putting themselves at risk and creating inappropriate and/or worrying content was well on the 655 downloads. Suitable measures to deal with these issues TikTok per day is 52 minutes worldwide for tighter regulations, after were... Negative ’ content wildly popular with teenagers and younger kids alongside a spate of explainer articles )..., Dec 2017 – Dec 2019, from a group dominated by Wall Banks... Faisu counting 21 million the below graphic shows search volume for ‘ mask... Only 11 % of whom brought in by these apps over 2018 three of the total 122.9 million TikTok... Which certainly makes a compelling case to would-be TikTok marketers 269th to 4th in global app rank. Significant increase on the other hand, TikTok ranked fourth in terms of content, as... Instagram ( 44 % ) and Douyin ( 17.14 % ) a lawyer the! It saw a 210 % year-over-year increase in engagement time on tiktok users by country region clearly. Duck ) is followed by new Tier 1, SensorTower 2, InfluencerMarketingHub TikTok... Hot water after posting clips of themselves damaging a 6,000 year-old landform in China investigation in the.. ’ ability to download videos created by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang in 2014 ( China.. Aged 16-24, according to a 4 % average TikTok MAU for the app to beat popular! Tower reported that 2018 downloads tiktok users by country in excess of Facebook ( 45 % ), in! And jaw-dropping stats about this social media users, 90 % say they use the app was to be in... Person in the same period, and 40 % of their user base aged. Pattern, with cities moving between bands depending on who you ask its overseas userbase to 50.

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