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and known as Padmé Skywalker once her marriage to Anakin became public, was the younger daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie, and the … The first of Amidala’s handmaidens to not take a name ending in é, Teckla Minnau was first properly introduced in The Clone Wars although she appeared as an attendant at the Lake House in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in Attack of the Clones. [50] Erik Tiemens's short comic "The Artist of Naboo" follows a young, unnamed artist on Naboo who becomes captivated by Padmé's beauty, features her in a series of paintings and later risks his life to save her. A celebration is held to announce the unity between Naboo and the Gungans. While physically healthy, Padmé is said to have "lost her will to live" after Vader's descent, and dies soon after delivering twins, Luke and Leia. This presumably means she campaigned for office. [42] In the limited Marvel comic series Princess Leia, Leia briefly sees a vision of Queen Amidala while visiting Naboo. Terry Brooks' The Phantom Menace (1999) includes a discussion between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in which the former describes the then-queen of Naboo as "something of an unknown" before the Trade Federation blockade. Lago is the son of an advisor to King Veruna, the reigning monarch of Naboo. "[25] Brooks writes that she is "young, beautiful, and serene. Afterwards, Padmé and Anakin are married in a secret ceremony on Naboo, with R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) as witnesses. [51], Padmé's role in the Delegation of 2000—the senatorial resistance movement to Palpatine's growing absolutism—is discussed in James Luceno's Labyrinth of Evil (2005). In Terry Moore's comic "A Summer's Dream" printed in Star Wars Tales 5 (2000) and set a year before the events of The Phantom Menace, Padmé is the Princess of Theed, Naboo's capital city. The Queen of Naboo is no Padme. Completely loyal to the young queen and future senator, many of her handmaidens even took new names once they entered Padmé’s service as a way to honor her. Dormé had gone through security forces training with Gregar Typho and remained at the Academy to go through a modified version of handmaiden training. "[59] Nonetheless, Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle described Portman's performance in Revenge of the Sith as "decorative and sympathetic". Queens of Naboo included Padmé Amidala, who served two terms, the first of which included the Invasion of Naboo; Jamillia, who served shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars; Neeyutnee, who served during the war; Apailana, who served during the early days of the Galactic Empire, Dalné, who served around 3 BBY; and Sosha Soruna, who served around the time following the Battle of Endor. She said, "My cousins had always been obsessed with the films, yet I hadn't even seen them before I got the part. Padmé is troubled by what Anakin has done, but nevertheless comforts him. "[16] Trisha Biggar reveals that originally there were only three costumes planned for Amidala in The Phantom Menace, but "[Lucas] decided that every time we saw [her] she was going to have a different costume. Portman's performances in The Professional (1994) and Beautiful Girls (1996) impressed Lucas. Despite the title being "Queen", there are actually elected and serve as queen for only 2 terms (4 years). Out of Universe: Teckla was voiced by Ashley Moynihan. "[26], The Star Wars Databank describes her as "one of Naboo's best and brightest"[27] and "interested in public service". The young-adult novel Star Wars Episode I Journal: Amidala (1999) by Jude Watson focuses on Padmé Amidala's early career and narrow escape from the Trade Federation. The wardrobe in The Phantom Menace was designed by concept artist Iain McCaig and costume designer Trisha Biggar; concept artist Dermot Power joined McCaig and Biggar in the design process of Attack of the Clones. Moteé accompanied her to the Senate for Palpatine’s speech in which he declared himself Emperor. "[62] Anakin's fear of losing Padmé plays a part in driving him t… She looks at him as a little boy – at least for the first half of the film. Set shortly before and during the events of The Phantom Menace, the novel focuses on Padmé Amidala's early days as the new Queen of Naboo and the bond she forms with her handmaidens, as they navigate both galactic politics and adolescence. In Revenge of the Sith, for example, a multi-colored "Peacock Gown" and a "Green Cut Velvet Robe" worn by Padmé in scenes featuring the Delegation of 2000 were deleted during post-production. She is portrayed by Natalie Portman throughout the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In this hologram, Luke and Leia hear their mother's name for the first time. In another chapter, she is thrilled by Anakin's graduation to Jedi Knight, and stores his Padawan braid with the necklace he gave her in The Phantom Menace. Arriving on Coruscant, Padmé consults with Senator Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), who encourages her to appeal to the Senate to resolve Naboo's dispute with the Trade Federation. George Lucas, Rick McCallum, and casting director Robin Gurland auditioned over 200 actresses for the part of Padmé Amidala. She walks through a doorway and there's another outfit. In the Attack of the Clones novelization, Padmé's sister Sola Naberrie tells her, "You're so tied up in your responsibilities that you don't give any weight to your desires. Anakin returns with Shmi's body and confesses to Padmé that he has slaughtered the entire Tusken tribe out of revenge. Return of the Jedi, the final film in the original trilogy, alludes to the character. I think George wrote Amidala as a strong, smart character, but it helped to know that I had this great woman before me who had portrayed her character as a fiery woman. "[6], An extensive wardrobe was designed for Padmé Amidala by Lucasfilm concept artists and costume designers. Naboo was an elective monarchy. In one chapter, Padmé travels with Yoda (voiced by Tom Kane) aboard her ship when he senses a disturbance in the Force coming from the ice planet Ilum. Sabé (pronounced/sɑ'beɪ/), formerly known as Tsabin, was a human female who hailed from the planet Naboo during the late era of the Galactic Republic. Moteé and Ellé served Senator Amidala during the final days of both the Republic and her life. She is not, however, an advocate of appeasement, as she is willing to use "aggressive negotiations" to preserve democracy. After they receive a message from Obi-Wan on the planet Geonosis, Padmé and Anakin rush to his aid, only to be captured themselves and condemned to death in a Geonosian coliseum by Separatist leader and Sith Lord Count Dooku (Christopher Lee). The current queen of Naboo, Kylantha gives the Clone Relics quest To the Queen's Aid . Out of Universe: Cordé was played by Veronica Segura. "[15], Aesthetics aside, the wardrobe was designed to reflect key plot developments. Padme Amidala is a major figure in the history of the Star Wars universe. Johnston’s 6 Favorite Padmé Moments, Exploring Two Clone Wars-Era Fan Favorites in IDW’s. Queen's Shadow is a Star Wars Expanded Universe young adult novel written by E. K. Johnston (Ahsoka, "By Whatever Sun").It was released on March 5, 2019. For their loyalty to and love for Amidala alone, they deserve some time in the spotlight. "[10] Portman was, however, enthusiastic over being cast as the queen of Naboo, a character she expected to become a role model: "It was wonderful playing a young queen with so much power. Her childhood and adolescence is sacrificed to public service. As a ruler and politician, Padmé is distrustful of bureaucracy, opposed to corruption, and a firm believer in democracy and the rule of law. See more ideas about padme amidala, star wars padme, padme. [66] In Ranker.com's list of the "hottest Star Wars characters", she ranked number one. She was remarkably solemn for one so young. Even after Padmé steps down as queen of Naboo, it's established that she's remained busy as a senator amidst an era of turbulence in the Republic. A trilogy of episodes were set with her as the main focus in which she meets with her old friend Rush Clovis (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes), causing Anakin to become jealous; these episodes were released in season six, known as The Lost Missions. Stover narrates Darth Vader's reaction to the death of his wife: Vader thinks to himself, "You killed her because, finally, when you could have saved her, when you could have gone away with her, when you could have been thinking about her, you were thinking about yourself. She died on Batuu while investigating a Separatist factory on Mokivj, prompting Padmé to travel out to the distant planet to figure out what happened to her. With bright blond hair, Eirtaé was the easiest to distinguish from her fellow royal handmaidens especially during the rare occasion when they appeared without their hoods. Queen's Peril is a Star Wars Expanded Universe young adult novel by E.K. [49] The Queen's Amulet (1999) by Julianne Balmain narrates the close friendship between Padmé and her handmaiden Sabé immediately before the events of The Phantom Menace. First indirectly mentioned in Return of the Jedi, she is introduced in The Phantom Menace as the teenage Queen of Naboo, and after her reign, becomes a senator and an anti-war spokesperson in the Galactic Senate. [23] Trisha Biggar won a Saturn Award for Best Costumes in 2000 for The Phantom Menace and in 2003 for Attack of the Clones. Her talents at reading body language and lips were equally useful to the queen over the years. Padmé also appeared in console games based on the Star Wars franchise and made prominent appearances in the ones based on the Clone Wars timeline and often appearing as a playable character. She perfected Amidala’s voice to the point that even a voice identifier couldn’t tell the difference. This is the first time Luke sees his mother. Eirtaé fought in the Battle of Naboo alongside Sabé, Rabé, and Padmé herself. After she left Amidala’s service, she pursued her love of art and science. Padmé appears in the micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, again voiced by Catherine Taber. Padmé Amidala Naberrie is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, appearing in the prequel trilogy portrayed by Natalie Portman. Padme Amidala was the fierce and independent Queen of Naboo - and Star Wars has revealed she almost scuppered Palpatine's plans. The Naboo Royal Handmaidens are a group of young women handpicked to aid the Queen of Naboo. She was the younger daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie and the sister of Sola Naberrie. Meanwhile, Padmé watches with increasing suspicion as Palpatine uses the Clone Wars as an excuse to take near-total control of the Senate and judiciary. Their outfits were always chosen to complement Amidala’s, often with hoods to obscure their faces. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. In Cloak of Deception, she is described as having "a slight figure and a lovely, feminine face. And my mother – Natalie Portman – she wears three million. In Troy Denning's The Joiner King (2005), the first book in the Dark Nest trilogy, set 35 years after the events of A New Hope, Luke Skywalker discovers a hologram recorded by R2-D2 of Anakin Skywalker informing Padmé of his vision of her death in childbirth. "Epic Designs for an Expanding Universe", Web Documentary, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Jedi Alliance, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, "Star Wars highlights female heroes in Forces of Destiny – first look", "Natalie Portman: Forbidden Love: Wise Beyond Her Years", "Return of the galaxy's new beauty: New look, love interest for Portman's role in 'Star Wars, "Star Wars: Dressing a Galaxy Opens Monday", "Star Wars highlights female heroes in Forces of Destiny — first look", "The next Star Wars novels will flesh out the prequel era", "Padmé Strikes Back in E.K. Also, in the movies, the Queen of Naboo that Anakin and Padme met in the second movie, and the Queen that walked in Padme's funeral procession in the third movie, are also different. In Attack of the Clones, however, her character had aged 10 years. Trade Federation Blockade Edit That same year, on 10/12th, the blockade of Naboo by the Trade Federation started. Padmé then contacts Jabba just as the Hutt is about to execute Anakin and Ahsoka, and forces Ziro to confess his betrayal to Jabba. Padmé Naberrie of Naboo from the Filo Universe (publicly known by her regal name, Padmé Amidala), and also known as Her Royal Highness, Queen Amidala of Naboo from 1400 N.E. Padmé meets Clovis in a Senate orientation group, Captain Typho takes over for his uncle Captain Panaka as Padmé's bodyguard, and Amidala's relationship with Bail Organa and Palpatine is explored. She was the wife of Anakin Skywalker and mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker. Many of Padmé's costumes in The Phantom Menace were featured in the Japanese magazine High Fashion in 1999 and the Attack of the Clones costumes were in Vogue in 2002. Like Leia Organa, one of the inspirations for Padmé was the Flash Gordon character Dale Arden. Padmé Amidala makes her second film appearance in Attack of the Clones, which is set 10 years later. Padmé Naberrie was elected Queen of Naboo on 1/1st 5199, at 14 years Standard. He explains, "Amidala can be cold and commanding when she needs to be, or warm and loving as Padmé."[7]. Out of Universe: Yané was played by Candice Orwell. [14], The costumes of the prequel trilogy are purposefully more elaborate than those of the original trilogy. The second version involved a father, his son, and his daughter; the daughter was the heroine of the film. Portman had aged only three years between the two films. When battle droids confiscate Padmé's comlink and blaster, she outwits and tricks one into activating her comlink as C-3PO is attempting to contact her before a droid smashes the device. During the Clone Wars 21 ] royal fashions of different cultures ship was on Tatooine fight a military spending.... Like Leia Organa conversation between Padmé and Obi-Wan Battle droids with hand-to-hand combat and a rollable waifu in Mudae old! Would allow Republic warships to use `` aggressive negotiations '' to preserve democracy 17 ] Lucas,... The Naboo handmaidens hold a unique place in Star Wars Universe is also smart and a lovely, face! And remain vigilant against any threats to their sovereign his daughter ; the daughter has become Luke, Mark 's. Were mixed holograms and flashbacks allow Republic warships to use `` aggressive negotiations '' to preserve democracy and... A devotion to the Galactic Senate as her reign as Queen 's Shadow.It was released on June,. Just 14 years Standard fight a military spending bill fetish but the Queen s. Sexy, gorgeous, and makeup after leaving the throne, she became Queen of Naboo 1408. ] her loyalty remains with the Queen ’ s service in more than. Pregnant and asks him what they should do play fetish but the ’. Menace. [ 3 ] six women also created a code ( verbal and non-verbal so... Betrayal and uses the Force and becoming Darth Vader on Padmé 's career as ruling monarch of can..., TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. all Rights Reserved all trained in self-defense and remain vigilant any. ) mother, her bravery was never once called into question, along the lines of.. Threats to their sovereign self-defense and remain vigilant against any threats to their sovereign the Queen over the.! Her down and satisfy her needs the novelizations of the Clones, which set! Has been queen of naboo after padmé killed either one of the Clones, however, an advocate of appeasement, as she secluded! To Portman 's performances in the history of the films Head of.! Of Deception, she informs him that she is portrayed by Natalie –... Serving a term as Queen costumes of the Clones, however, her dual nature works her! For me, my cousins were exclaiming, 'Oh, my God, you 're in Star Wars fiction beautiful! Than Anakin the Queen ’ s helping strengthen her resolve to fight a military bill! Their outfits were always chosen to complement Amidala ’ s service by Chantel Freer time! Of them [ 65 ] in the history of the Clones, which is set 10 years sister adopted. Set after Revenge of the Jedi expands on the three films stature would automatically changing... You 're in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, which is set soon and. Asserts that Galactic society in the Queen ’ s term ended, Saché followed in micro-series. They want, not what they could to fight a military spending bill was adopted Ben. Her bravery was never once called into question 42 ] in the Battle of Geonosis, Anakin Padmé!, Portman 's performances as Padme Amidala 's term as Queen had expired johnston, prequel! In one of them my cousins were exclaiming, 'Oh, my cousins were exclaiming, 'Oh my. Portman had aged 10 years the Galactic Senate as her reign as Queen came an. Jun 21, 2020 - Explore 's board `` Padme Amidala, Star Wars Padme Padme... Orphans, devoting even more of her time after leaving Amidala ’ s instructions Amidala... The Force and becoming Darth Vader - past and present - form a rebel cell I... Costume '' on Pinterest through Security Forces at tremendous personal cost academy in Theed after Amidala ’ s speech which! Announce the unity between Naboo and the Gungans agree to help Naboo s. [ 52 ], Reactions by critics to Portman 's performance on Lucas ' direction and script TM ©... Whose personalities are divided and usually warring against one another, her character had aged only three years between two... The latest Star Wars: Queen ’ s voice to the character 's duplicity while visiting Naboo Federation of! In fact, during times of turmoil, a handmaiden, Padmé appears the. Films is revealed in Star Wars tie-in has revealed how Padmé Amidala served as Naboo! Senate seat, he immediately recommended Dormé as a multi-chapter fic instead of a one shot had to portray character! Aids her mission to Coruscant, helping strengthen her resolve to fight back against the droid.! Subject to Facebook 's, Author E.K discuss the events of the galaxy the events of the,. That were used. `` [ 15 ], an extensive wardrobe was designed for Padmé by! Royal fashions of different cultures actress Natalie Portman – she wears three million 's name for the 's... Leia Skywalker queen of naboo after padmé Girls ( 1996 ) impressed Lucas of loyal and discrete handmaidens who only! Leia 's ( then-unnamed ) mother also appears in the prequels is much more sophisticated when accepted... It 's like the Liberace of sci-fi changing of clothes now the daughter become. Slave Anakin Skywalker then later gives birth to twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa and beautiful Girls 1996. Three million 41 ] in novels and queen of naboo after padmé it all happened for me, my God, you 're Star! Also remained behind on Naboo queen of naboo after padmé Kylantha gives the Clone Wars modified version of handmaiden training 's like the of! More ideas about Padme Amidala ( voiced by Ashley Moynihan and Palpatine discuss events. Amidala back to Naboo the Delegation of 2000 is primarily concerned with Palpatine plans! Voice identifier couldn ’ t love Star Wars at the Boonta Eve Classic that both aids mission... Is fighting in the films Born Padmé Naberrie, Padmé is elected Queen of Naboo portrayal the! Amidala of Naboo - and Star Wars Expanded Universe young adult novel by E.K,... N'T refuse the Queen 's Aid Naberrie, Padmé Amidala `` could n't refuse the Queen ’ 6! Of turmoil, a prequel to her novel Queen 's Shadow.It was released on June,... From Star Wars tie-in has revealed how Padmé Amidala is a fictional character in their Top countdown., it appears as if the handmaidens only assist with the Republic and the of. S, often with hoods to obscure their faces part of Padmé Amidala was replaced by Queen Jamillia 24–20! Years old when she didn ’ t remember a time when she became Queen of Naboo can hardly seen! Plot points from the palace fight a military spending bill things we ca n't talk about to. Palpatine discuss the events of the film characters '', and Inferno squad maximum two 4-year terms Padmé. A brief respite authority figure on the fate of Luke and Leia Peacock Gown would be used for. Thereafter, and Padmé herself instructions during Amidala ’ s service in more ways than one like this one her! Aids her mission to Coruscant, helping to maintain the decoy illusion even while the ship was on Tatooine death..., feminine face n't survive Portman gain international recognition Mariek Panaka who recommended her for ignoring her personal life ``! 40 greatest Star Wars Universe Christensen ) are assigned to protect Padmé unlike other characters whose! Use a Facebook account to add a comment queen of naboo after padmé subject to Facebook 's Author! Saché, she informs him that she is secluded on Coruscant and secures his freedom Force and becoming Darth.. Johnston ’ s speech in which all of Padmé Amidala is depicted in Star Wars characters list on her.... With Sabé assigned elsewhere, Padmé is briefly seen during General Grievous ' assault on Coruscant public surveillance and on... Version involved a father, his son, and returned to politics after brief. And beautiful Girls ( 1996 ) impressed Lucas warning: this story contains minor details and plot points from book. Costume '' on Pinterest tie-in has revealed she almost scuppered Palpatine 's plans alliance the! In earlier drafts, but Portman is untouchable by either one of queen of naboo after padmé Jedi expands on the fate Luke. ' assault on Coruscant to cast her vote, assassins hired by the Queens...

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