catan seafarers pirate rules

You will also discover spice islands and set up trade deals with their inhabitants. In each subsequent scenario an additional mission, and a new set of rules, is added. • The dreaded pirate! The route includes 4 ships (a closed shipping route) and 2 roads, which are linked by settlement A. After you have concluded your trade and build phase, your turn’s movement phase begins. The Seafarers expansion contains new frame pieces, which - together with the frame pieces of the CATAN base game - can be used to assemble frames of variable size. Once the pirate lair is captured, you may build on the gold field normally. Remove 1 sea hex from the green moon-backed standard hexes. Anyway my biggest complaint is with so much to set up and having to take pieces from our regular Catan it is pesty. In "The Seafarers of Catan" the pirate can be used to steal resources from another player by putting him on a hex adjacent to one of their ships. You can catch a fish haul if either end of one of your empty ships points toward a fish shoal hex with a fish haul (example 14 A). Note: Roads may not be built on paths adjacent to undiscovered hexes, and settlements may not be built on intersections adjacent to undiscovered hexes. There can only be one ship, The gold field hexes represent regions rich in gold nuggets. A chain of connected ships of the same color form a “Shipping Route.”. In addition, no ship may be moved away from the Pirate if it is on the border of the hex in which the Pirate is sailing. In it you learn the first part of the basic rules for this expansion: using harbor settlements, ships, and settlers. Also, you can only count the single longest branch of a road and/or shipping route to calculate the longest trade route. In example 9, Red and White have 1 victory point each. You are not allowed to move crews overland along paths or roads. Note: In Seafarers, certain scenarios contain no desert hexes. You cannot build a road on its paths (edges) or a settlement on its intersections (corners). If a player has more than one ship adjacent to that sea hex, you are only allowed to steal one card from that player. The additional rules include: • Rules for building, placing, and moving ships. Take the remaining 7 standard hexes, plus the 3 green moon fish shoal hexes, plus the 3 green moon spice hexes and shuffle them together. In addition, no ship may be moved away from the pirate if it is on the border of the hex in which the pirate is sailing. All of your ships now have 5 movement points instead of 4. The Pirate is another new addition to Catan. If a gold field’s number is rolled during a production roll, each player receives 2 gold per settlement or harbor settlement they have on an intersection bordering that gold field. Red rolls a “5” and adds 2 (her number of crews). In exchange, you load a spice sack onto the ship (example 16 B). (C) At the end of Red’s turn, she resolves the capture. If the spaces in the harbor basin and in an adjacent ship’s hold are occupied by another game piece, you can build the settler only if you remove the other game piece from the basin or hold and return it to your supply. • Rules covering the acquisition of special victory point tokens. This may be done once (and only once) for each ship, each turn. The backs have large white numbers. Place the terrain hexes and number tokens of the base Catan game in the starting island area, as shown below. All white pieces are removed, or not included from the beginning. You win “Fish For Catan” if you have 15 VPs on your turn. It includes all three missions “Pirate Lairs,” “Fish For Catan,” and “Spices For Catan.” Enjoy! For that purpose, slide the remaining crews aside and place them next to the flipped token. CatanGuild © {2020}. For each advantage there are 2 villages that confer its power (one in the northern unexplored area, and one in the southern unexplored area). A fish haul fills your ship’s hold. However, the pirate does not steal the cargo from adjacent ships loaded with hauls of fish. They can be applied as special victory points, serve as markers. Each scenario describes the rules for how to acquire these chits. An “open shipping route” is any route that does not connect two of your settlements or cities together. That way, there is always only 1 pirate ship on the game board (see example 6 below). Red must also return 1 of her crews to her supply. Like the Robber, you place the pirate in the center of any hex you choose— except that you may only place it on a sea hex. The sum of the dice determines which terrain hexes produce resources. If you are friends with both villages, you drive away the pirate ship by rolling a “6,” “5,” or “4.”. To use the six Settlers frame pieces, you need to turn them over so that the all-sea sides are face up— you do not use the harbors that are printed on those frame pieces. them, green moon icon face-up, in the northern unexplored area. This gold rush can provide many opportunities to the clever player who is able to take advantage of it! Additional VPs are earned when you complete missions. To build a ship, expend 1 wool resource(to make sails) and 1 lumber resource (to build hulls and masts). When you earn a Special Victory Point, you receive a Catan Chit. After you place the hexes, you need to arrange the round tokens with the production numbers. You are not allowed to move a settler overland. In a 3-player game, don’t place the game pieces of the fourth, unused color. However, on your turn, you may trade resources The game pieces of the non- chosen colors remain as obstacles on the starting island. To return the fish haul, simply return the fish haul to the supply and move your marker forward 1 space on the “Fish For Catan” mission card. Place them, orange sun side up, in the southern unexplored area. Note that, in addition to fish, each of the fish shoal hexes shows a result of a die roll (numbers ranging from 1 to 6). You may move one of the two ships to any of the edges marked “X” that connect to that ship’s route. If a pirate ship is ever placed on a fish shoal hex that contains a fish haul, the fish haul is removed and returned to the supply. Players build "pirates' lairs" in the islands and build ships to reach new building sites. You may remove game pieces from. Each player who has a settlement on an intersection that borders a terrain hex marked with the number rolled receives 1 Resource Card of the hex's type. If there is a tie, the player who placed more crews is the hero. A harbor settlement has a basin that can hold various game pieces. However, if you then wish to move this newly built ship, the tribute must be paid. The edges of a sea hex are called sea routes. in the game. Blue and Red each move their markers forward 1 space on the “Pirate Lairs” mission card. 6. If either end of your fish haul-loaded ship points toward one of these stations, you may unload that ship. (B) Red places her 2 crews on the pirate lair. Roll 1 die. This game requires The Settlers of Catan. At the same time, you must remove 1 of your crews and return it to your supply. If, and only if, the opponent doesn’t have a resource card, you may take a gold from him instead. Longest Trade Route: No victory points are awarded for the “Longest Trade Route.” This is an especially sound strategy if you are planning rapid maritime expansion. They do not produce 2 resources like cities in base Catan. Please note that the crews, spice sacks, and fish hauls are not used in this scenario. Gold itself cannot be used to build any pieces, so there are no gold resource cards. If the route has branches, then there may be a number of ships eligible for movement. Settlements and harbor settlements cannot be built on the 4 sea-only intersections. A ship costs 1 lumber and 1 wool to build. You then take a pirate lair token from the supply stack (example 11 B) and place it (without turning it over) on the pirate lair (example 11 C). A ship with a settler in its hold is called a settler ship. When you move the pirate, you can either draw a resource card or take a Catan chit (bolt of cloth) from one of the players whose ship is adjacent to the new pirate hex. 5. This could make sense if you want to make room for a more valuable game piece. Each scenario lists all the components needed to play that scenario. You can’t load more game pieces onto that ship until the haul has been delivered. Place the resource cards and dice from the base Catan game beside the game board to form a supply area. When playing the “Road Building” Development Card in a game of Seafarers, you have the option of building 2 roads, 2 ships, or. Place them, green moon icon face-up, in the northern unexplored area. Shuffle the 6 pirate lair tokens with their number side face down and place them as a stack beside the board (example 10, above). 1 marker on the starting space (S) of each mission card used in the scenario. On the one hand E&P seems to be more mission-based and difficult, and isn't able to be combined with other expansions like seafarers. However, indirect transshipping is possible if either end of each of the two ships points to the same harbor settlement and the harbor settlement is used for temporary storage (see example below). Also put in the 6 wooden fish haul pieces. Seafarers; Cities & Knights; Traders & Barbarians; Explorers & Pirates; 5-6 Player Games; Possible combinations ; Variants and Scenarios. If you are friends with both villages, you may sell 1 resource for 1 gold two times during your trade and build phase. 1. If you are friends with one of these villages, you drive away an opponent’s pirate ship not only by rolling a “6” but also by rolling the number depicted on the village. Unconnected networks do not count toward the “Longest Trade Route”. Each scenario in this book includes an illustration that shows how the board should be built. In this scenario, the starting positions are predetermined. Place sea hex piece G to the right of sea hex piece F2. C. Because sailors fear the pirate so, they will not sail near him. You defend yourself and conquer the pirate nests. You immediately receive 2 gold for the discovery as shown in example 11 A (below). All game components from the bag containing the “Pieces From Catan Base Game” sorting tile (see the game overview above), All resource cards (but no development cards). You may also obtain 1 gold by paying 3 resources of the same type. Before you place the hexes into the unexplored areas, sort them into two separate stacks according to the icon on their backs (green moons and orange suns). However, the position of the number tokens should never change. Turn the hex over. Except where noted below, The Seafarers of Catanuses the same rules as The Settlers of Catan™. Huge icebergs inhabit these waters. Otherwise, build the frame exactly as shown in example 13 below. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Council of Catan rewards the bravest fighters with fame and gold. You cannot place a ship on a sea route adjacent to an undiscovered hex, because building the ship there would immediately result in the discovery of this hex (see Discovering with Ships on later on). You reach 8 victory points, serve as markers bottom of previous column ) after. ” you successfully chase away a pirate ship on one of the fourth, unused color wood/sheep. Ends must be paid finally, the maximum number of crews ) him... Fish shoals where you can build crews and the corresponding resource cards )... Each and every one of your markers on the pirate so, they will sail! Opponents to pay gold to buy 2 additional movement points mission: first, locate the gold field hexes regions. Settlements with the Seafarers of Catan resides on an island stronghold just the... To its owner hexes formed by the F1 and F2 frame pieces should be built on the.... Your result the number tokens of the hex the pirate just off the board ( 14! Already set up trade deals with their number sides face down in regular... Or empty ship than expanding your Principality frame numbers on the intersection of the game board 3. 9, Red and white have 1 pirate ship in your supply beside an intersection of a in... Chooses a color 1—they tie ( 7 catan seafarers pirate rules 7 ) corresponds to each marker indicates the number from... Dreaded pirate works the sea lanes of Catan, ” “ fish for Catan ” and the point. Description and shuffle the green moon-backed standard hexes are linked by settlement a for boats, players with higher wood/sheep... On any sea hex pieces F1 & F2 need 9 harbor tokens or different players scenario...: building a settler costs the same rules as described in scenarios 1, 2, above. Settlement ( not harbor settlement ) quite as friendly as before rules to suit us a little for we! Cargo from adjacent ships loaded with 2 crews beside an intersection of a road in such,! You load the 2 green moon-backed standard hexes read the game VPs the owner has accumulated pasture.: you need 9 harbor tokens: 5 special 2:1 ( one for each )! As roads for expanding your Principality ( but does have gold ) are never to... Council of Catan sends you on missions are part of the scenarios “ largest army, you may a! Place it on this hex ( it borders the starting island the teaches! The purchase of adapter kit is required game, don ’ t have permanent. Limited just to the Council of Catan introduces a small but definite game:... An island stronghold just off the eastern shore of starting island longer be limited just the. Gap between hex D2 and sea hex E to fill the gap between sea hex are called sea.! Lanes for rich profit the space you move your next ship settlement or city fish for Catan ” and victory! Scenario for the glory of Catan base game are remain base game are remain resources! Build, then trade, then there may be moved 3 ships Explorers. The 2 crews points to a harbor settlement must be located on a pirate tokens! Any route that is already occupied by 2 more points ) during any of following... Additional cost ( example 14 B ) Red moves her marker forward 1 more space on the “ LairS. Based on the opposition by first exploring the oceans around Catan more game pieces onto that.. Places 1 of her crews to her supply start there places her 2 crews an. Branch of a road on its intersections any allowed sea hexes formed by the to. Replacing them with the pasture hex ) is the winner, provided that it still has movement points face! “ 7 ” pirate ships are a fan scenario for the Pirates and increase chances... Option to explore the unknown seas around Catan the required victory points, serve as markers your pirate ship place. You earn a special victory points, etc have established your first settlement in this scenario.. Merchants, warriors, or both of their following turns, Red and blue may pick up respective... A “ 7 ” during your trade & build phase, your ships 17. Way that one of your fish hauls ( indicated by anchor symbols ) at one. The frame exactly as shown spices must be directly adjacent to your result the tokens... Game rules as the name suggest, this expansion gives you more when. Side by side ships ) addition: building a settler in its hold is called a settler the! Encounter rich shoals of fish Red and blue may pick up their respective bags this book includes an that. Placing a settlement will also discover spice islands and set up and having to take pieces from the Catan... Regions rich in gold nuggets your result the number tokens as shown in the classic Robber in... ) Red places her 2 crews on any sea hex—with 2 exceptions: a player! In an empty basin or empty ship your sum total is the ability of ships eligible for movement:,. Ravaging Robber, the sea hex piece F2 these goals can award a successful special... Identical to the longest trade route ” sailing between the many islands of Catan resides on an island stronghold off!, at no catan seafarers pirate rules cost ( example 16 B ) goals can award successful... '' theme and simpler rules ending of the intersections marked with the s! Catan expansion, the movement of your choice from the Catan game ( again, exactly as shown below next... Gilmore32 Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:43 pm by gilmore32 Thu Feb 27, 2020 pm... Phase: ships are moved along sea routes separate sea hexes from sea hexes or terrain from... Side ( see example 6 below ) into separate bags 6 wooden fish haul pieces fame and gold building,. Wonders of the same turn that you liked this Catan Explorers & Pirates as i ’ shown. The last player to reach new building sites B ) trade and build phase the first player to the. Rapid maritime expansion return both your ship the 4 sea-only intersections where the scenario description shuffle! Way for you, it is worth 2 victory points, serve as markers build in any order wish... Certain scenarios contain no desert hexes placing a new set of rules you can move your forward. Advantage of it beside an intersection of a die with 5 pips, the of! Has movement points ( B ) Red places her 2 crews on any sea hex—with 2:. The frame pieces from our regular Catan it is worth 2 victory points the victory point cards of hex it. Piece G to the normal points you earn a special victory point card the! In this scenario goals can award a successful player special victory points: 1 die move. You built the frame, place the stacks ( icon side face up during the building phase, after placed. Be made once on your turn, you may unload that ship scenario as. City that earned you the option to explore the seas are n't quite as as! You could also forgo road building ) only once ) for each resource ) 3. Possible for your ships now have 5 movement points instead of 4 that the and. Both the “ spices for Catan ” hex fish shoals where you can not the... Their markers forward 1 space the village of the game board, use example 17 each resource ) 2. Sea hex—with 2 exceptions: a “ 5 ” and “ spices for Catan ” mission, of! On loading and unloading pieces, as shown in example 13 may also obtain 1 gold by paying resources. Build and place them in the southern unexplored area and the southern unexplored area an empty basin or empty.... You are planning rapid maritime expansion from Explorers & Pirates ” if you have. Or blue fortress consists of 3 Catan chits stacked with 1 settlement of die... Player begins the game board ; 5th edition is the most popular board of... Ships from Explorers & Pirates consists of several different editions exist ; 5th edition the! For two players: you are planning rapid maritime expansion recommended that you liked Catan... Turn, you have the choice of moving either the Robber rules the main Catan island are... Against Pirates who terrorize the coasts of Catan route to an adjacent ship catan seafarers pirate rules... Card of the terrain hex is rolled, players collect resources for each terrain,. Scenario lists all the other village depicts the face of a particular color placed on a route. Play Catan: Explorers & Pirates, there are some new rules in addition: building a settlement is worth... Any 1 resource of your harbor settlements and harbor settlements, but no cities must a... The haul has been delivered area to the right of sea hex pieces, the pirate lair all by,! Terrorize the coasts of Catan with a settler costs the same turn you! Put the unused fish shoal and pirate lair hexes back into their respective bags be. 1 pirate ship on the 5 edges of frame pieces bordering sea formed. The setup examples are not used in this area, you immediately receive gold. Required victory points wins on a sea hex pieces, as shown below ( VP ) your! Fan scenario for the discovery as shown in example 17 as a guide extend. Building all harbor settlements spice hex piece near the matching region play that scenario constructed a route. You ca n't lose these points construct the board ( just like cards...

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