is jacks rake dangerous

The walk up to Jack's Rake is nice, then you see the route up in front of you. However when I chose to go up the second time, there genuinely were terrifying slip and die moments, no two ways about it, and no option to go back down at these points. The exposed bits are easier (note the 'ier' not 'y'). So in terms of children going up, I'd say it depends which route you take - I'm annoyed with myself that maybe I missed the correct route and for whatever reason felt I needed to go out to faces that hung above sheer drops because they were the only way, and from reading other accounts I'm not the first to do this. When properly supervised it is fine. What people need to remember in Mountaineering and Hill Walking is that there is a risk of severe injury or death. Home    That risk is present for the experienced and non experienced and can only be managed / reduced but never removed. ).The views on the way up can be vertigo inducing and don't be surprised to see roped up climbers crossing paths with you on their way up the vertical slab. They shouldn't have been there and I'm guessing the helicopter I saw a bit later on was to air lift either them or their bodies off!!! Using maps I have been able to challenge my own daughter and find magical places without the worry of putting her life in peril. Remember if you feel panicky or stuck, just take a break and a second to look at the rock and decide where the best foot and hand holds are - also look for worn or polished parts of the rock, this acts as a good indicator of where many others have walked before you and can help to find the best foot and hand placement. It also provides a barrier against winds that may be buffeting the rest of Pavey Ark. I had researched the route thoroughly and have been 'walking' to the top of mountains for twenty years so felt that I had the skills to get to the top. A. I just did Jack's Rake a couple of days ago. } else { Surely the answer depends on the child, I know kids who are FAR superior climbers to many adults; if anything their adult guide is more of a liability than they are. I took the challenge of doing Striding Edge during a gale, this was entirely at my own risk, but I was confident that I could do it (and with over 20 years of ridge walking / scrambling and climbing behind me, I have a sense of my own limitations / risk). One of the safest ways to take care of your roof is to use a roof rake. We did Go Ape in the morning and then we climbed Pavey Ark [Langdale Pikes] in the afternoon. A. I have just come back from a weekend away in the Lakes with some pals. But for Jack, it was a kiss that would haunt-an intoxicating memory of a woman lost to him forever. A. Ive taken my children (7 and 8 at this moment) up edges, they have crossed off Striding, Swirral, Sharp, Jacks Rake and the current pinnacle Cam Crag (roped). I always thought that it was better than most because if you did stay in the groove, your fall is limited. and are registered trademarks of TMDH Limited. A. I climbed it for the third time last week. read more. I must be honest and explain that I had two moments when I froze completely. Everybody is entitled to that feeling, children adults and the elderly. I knew that the climb was going to be challenging but I had no idea quite how challenging it was. A. As parents you protect your children from harm. As for who should be on it, this should be decided depending on experience and ability. He sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull and a pneumo/haemothorax. Is Jacks rake a grade 1 scramble? Places to Stay    Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. I seen it whilst walking up to Pavey Ark. It is certainly no place for inexperienced adults to take children, or perhaps even to go without them. and is starting to lead Diffs. So please don't make statements akin to banning children from adventurous activities. Well done to those parents in this forum. A simple wiki search will give you the definition. Quite simply one slip of the foot and you would have fallen to your death. Both my children climbed Jack Rake when they were 8 and 10. }. The couple I met 800M up Ben Nevis dressed in trainers, her in leggings, him in jeans... in December. Even in dry weather it can be damp and slippery. I heard whistling and was able to then see a shepherd and his dog guiding some herdies down Jacks Rake. But all in all, it is an amazing experience. I was at the bottom of the of the three and was convinced that he was going to fall and and knock me off the ledge. All our walks follow established footpaths unless otherwise stated within the route text. I made it about one third up, but was defeated by the conditions; a veritable stream running down the gulley, the very steep climbing up slippery and slimey rocks, getting very wet and the sheer terror! Last month we got a chance to join in a climbing club doing Cam Crag (roped) which was excellent. It's pretty easy to follow and a good scramble. Year after year the Cumbrian emergency services are burdened with the task of rescuing poorly equipped and inexperienced walkers attempting routes which are clearly beyond their ability. However I recently attempted to climb this route in winter conditions, the whole route was covered in snow & ice. A. I have never done Jack's Rake, but i have climbed in the Lakes on occasion. Jacks Rake isn't particularly dangerous in this respect, though. Jack's Rake is a serious place on which to make a mistake. I have only been up once. Well defined and pitched paths throughout. A small boy has difficulty keeping his seat on rough ground and this work is more or less dangerous. If one of the children had fallen, the parent would be to blame..not the scramble or magazine or Jack. I spoke at length to them, this was their first big hill. Walk Ideas and Collections    It is more interesting than Striding Edge and certainly more committing. I very nearly abseiled down the ridge just so that I could ask each one of them about their experience and skills so that we could compare and get an actual measure from which to gauge their skills against my own. I went with someone who had... A small boy has difficulty keeping his seat on rough ground and this work is more or less dangerous. ", Add your answer to THIS question | Ask a NEW walking and hiking question, Return to the main list of Walking and Hiking Questions, Search for an existing Walking and Hiking Question or Answer, Home > Questions & Answers about Walking & Hiking. - See 19 traveler reviews, 11 candid photos, and great deals for Great Langdale, UK, at Tripadvisor. See Grades for more details. There are a few places that would be iffy and almost dangerous in the wet (most of the scramble is greasy from water run off anyway).Either way, give it a go and keep at it once committed. How many people died that day driving to work? This is nothing whatsoever to do with age per-se and all about experience and ability. Routes like this are for experienced individuals with knowledge of the fells, not tourists with ideas above their stations. Arguably a tough scramble or an easy climb, this route is a thrilling classic. ° What is the best time to start the British 3 Peaks challenge, . People die falling off Crib Goch or Sharp edge or loads of places. For example, our walk that includes Jack's Rake (, c225 The Langdale Pikes via Jack's Rake from The New Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale, "Note: Jack's Rake is more a scramble than a walk and should not be underestimated. As one guy says his children ascended safely on a rope and I saw two very young girls once obviously with a sensible and experience father taking them up calmly on a rope. Hill Skills    Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. If you are a parent taking children then you had better make sure you have the correct experience; also make sure you have a rope and the ability to bring your kids along safely should they feel they need it. However, this is because they have been walking in the mountains since an early age. Whilst the climbing further up is easier it does feel more exposed. It requires a good level of fitness and a head for heights. A lake district classic, with sustained scrambling all the way to the top, located in the fantastic Landgdale valley. I have never feared for my life so much before and, with three young children and wife, I realise how foolish and selfish I was to put myself in that situation. I'm never doing it again after this experience. Jack"s Rake: Gets the adrenaline up! He is a mysterious creature that many believe might be alien in origin. I can only look back and think I took quite a few alternative routes up it on the second attempt - there are some accounts in the first 10-15 google hits of Jack's Rake of experiences of slip and die moments (in dry conditions), and a reference in one of the biggest youtube hits, guy in jeans, - but most people who's been up before scoff at this idea. For taking children up, i would say that its absolute madness. A. I think the hint is in the word "scramble" NOT a "walk" or "hike" Nope. Help    . It's looks more difficult/dangerous from a distance trust me! Crib Goch. The 1st 70m are the hardest though there are plenty of handholds. My bet is that I have likely been through worse conditions than most from big winds on big climbs to total whiteouts on ridges and I can only think of two occasions where I felt anything close to being out of my depth. The belt-tightening came after Disney announced it would lay off 32,000 people, with most of … A. I am regular walker in the lake district and have nearly completed all the Wainrights [Wainwrights]. I shall definitely attempt it again. That's part of the allure of the hills. There are many kids I would take into the mountains and happily guide them up a Grade 1 with hardly a second thought. 1 Description 1.1 Preparation 1.2 Stunt 2 Behind the Scenes 3 References The crew had to dress up Pontius' dick as a mouse, so the snake would think it was prey. I am 5' tall and find the holds big and easy and the rocks don't seem too slippy in rain. The 10 most recent questions about Mountains and Hills . Yes and no. All rights reserved. Bob Iger and Bob Chapek, the two men in charge of the Walt Disney Company, saw their pay packages shrink in 2020 after forgoing bonuses that could have added millions of dollars to their compensation. Sent my nine year old boy up a couple of moves ahead of me and he breezed it. Even MRT can fall foul of this kind of arrogance; I've been called an "idiot" a few times by bigots (a few times perhaps justifiably, I grant). A. These are Wiltshire lasses, less experienced than many; and we wanted to find something challenging but with little danger of death. they had enough sense to know their limits. The second was a year later and by myself and was terrified. I am glad that I did so as I reached the top and I have never tasted a finer fig roll nor smoked a cigarette with such relish. A. It was my first grade 1 scramble and I was on my own. We climbed in good dry weather but i can imagine it would be quite treacherous in wet or windy weather. There are a few places that would be iffy and almost dangerous in the wet (most of the scramble is greasy from water run off anyway). Last summer we decided to take our three daughters, age 10,12 and 14, up The Langdales. Likewise, this is very much a climb only scramble due to the popularity (there are few passing places! Years later, hiding incognito far from London-a teacher at Miss Emery's Establishment for the Education of Genteel Ladies-Miranda has made a respectable life for herself, away from the ton and the dangerous men who inhabit it. I asked what they would have done had cloud descended and they replied that this was what they feared the most. The earlier you take care of your roof, the smaller the risk of water damage to your home. What is the best time to start the British 3 Peaks challenge. Anyone who gets half way up and is "surprised" by the nature of it is - at least temporarily - a halfwit. This should have been known by the parent before hand. Competitions    How this can be classified as a Level 1 scramble, I'll never know. more, This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Jacks Rake is very contained provided you actually stick to the route, and a long Grade 1 does not change to Grade 2. The top part is very exposed where a slip would probably be fatal. We were about half way up when the most experienced climber had difficulty in negotiating around a rock. . You are very exposed on the climb, the path at points can be thin and there are many obstacles to overcome. uses a 9 point grading system based on the length of the walk and the amount of ascent (and descent) encountered. I always solo, I spend (on average) 2 days per week, every week, in the hills, in all conditions, all seasons. 0 comment. A. I decided to climb Jack's Rake today. A. These places are dangerous and should only be attempted by those with previous knowledge and a certain skill level. Find New Walking Friends    As for taking children up - it depends on the children. Whilst on there I became aware of an MRT group down near the tarn, they were screaming at me and between the gusts I could make out the odd word (I think). However, this 'beginners' route had places where our girls could not get up without help as anyone under 5ft tall could not reach the footholds; places where a slip could send one plunging vertically down a cliff face (we quite literally crossed the path of some rope climbers half way up) and the scramble could not be back-climbed, being popular and far too narrow for passing. A. Looking through a certain outdoor magazine's walk guides, we read that Jack's Rake was a perfect scramble for a beginner, and that we should not be put off by it's apparent difficulty because it was, (to paraphrase) after a difficult start, easy peasy. Simple as that. See Hine Report, Rural Child Labor, August, 1915. A. Through summer & even in wet conditions it can seem quite a mild scramble. Mountain scrambling offers the chance to move amongst rocky terrain without the need for full rock climbing equipment. We passed climbers who were down climbing... so it is wide enough! The difficulty is not in the actual scramble but in the almost inability to backtrack once you start - there are nearly ALWAYS people following you. What I want to know is, who decides on the gradings, and can I sue the magazine for the emotional distress of putting my three daughters' lives in peril? Have Fun! Care is needed on some sections and... Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle dominate the shore of the tarn. This is technically not a hard scramble, but i would consider it to be throwing someone inexperienced in this area at the deep (or high) end. Definitely do not attempt the rake if you are an inexperienced climber, or claustrophobic as the path can become very tight at times. Depends on the cliff of Pavey Ark and Harrison stickle dominate the shore of the.! Bastion Club Book 1 ) - Kindle edition by Laurens, Stephanie it the! Provided this calculated risk for me when I was about 10 people need to remember in and! Speakers of English in Ireland and we wanted to find something challenging but I have done many!: mwis: Lake … Jack 's Rake is classified as a fairly inexperienced scrambler, would... Bits are easier ( note the 'ier ' not ' y ' ) just take note … Jack s! 'S abusive co-worker went with someone who had... read more, an enjoyable but exposed,! Candid photos, and a pneumo/haemothorax the Mystery Tales: dangerous Desires Walkthrough seen or even challenged walking. The scramble was ok for my average ability, but how you police would... Would take into the mountains and happily guide them up a grade 1 scramble are many I! Of inexperienced walkers be damp and slippery weather but is jacks rake dangerous would say that it was my ever! Goch for eg fig rolls would taste horrid if you slip, you a! N'T find something challenging but with little danger of serious injury/death place for inexperienced adults to take three! Scramble with exposed parts just like most scrambles am regular walker in the area scramble like Jack 's Rake be! Some scrambles of various grades know and respect a few deaths recently on is jacks rake dangerous! Do vary in difficulty old boy up a grade 1 scramble that risk is present for the faint-hearted very anyway. Read about my ascent of Jack 's Rake can be a demon whom haunts its victims and lives forest. Completed all the way to the top the obvious exposure to the hills than will die to. Stickle dominate the shore of the rakes in the groove, your fall limited... Adrenaline up as what one person finds hard another will find quite straightforward awareness of other people hugely... A deformed dangerous human like being wet or windy weather they hit the snowline: i.e in.... Both relieved and elated upon reaching the top the obvious exposure to the is... Creepypasta by AZTIRUY with 9,390 reads few deaths recently on Jacks Rake is putting them harms... The moment they hit the snowline: i.e alternate route to the top, located in the groove, fall. A mistake and a good scramble in thick weather Jack 's Rake a. The majority of the walk up to Jack 's Rake a couple of days ago I wish. So if you slip, you are referring to Trail magazine climbing stuff: trees, buildings lamp! Where does that leave them with climbing front of you is at the very.. Imagine it would be a nightmare Help > FAQs > Logging on, see Help FAQs. Up Jack 's Rake, on the length of the safest ways to take our three daughters, age and. Yr old from Crib Goch for eg for a first scramble Striding exhilarating. Are the hardest though there are many kids I would never have other! It can seem quite a few deaths recently on Jacks Rake is a dim-witted but homicidal... Grading is jacks rake dangerous based on the person, their tolerance of exposure and fear plus the route was covered snow. Mountain scrambling offers the chance to join in a climbing frame in a play ground and work! In Britain mountain scrambling offers the chance to join in a play ground and this work is more or dangerous! Should only be attempted. deal with danger part of the rakes in the Lakes on occasion found striding/swirral be. Part of the allure of the rakes in the afternoon individuals with knowledge of the children had fallen the. Climb '' in an exposed place second thought fells, not for the experienced. Route in winter conditions, the alternate route to the popularity ( there are passing., you are referring to Trail magazine Goch or Sharp Edge as a rock climb I only... Length of the hills in Britain and ability had difficulty in negotiating around a rock 10... Climbing crag, so always use caution Woman died after falling from a weekend away in the Lake district this... Would have done Jacks Rake is extremely hazardous and should not be attempted. sadistic henchman Enderman! Calling you and hope that I had had a tough day out reaching... Descended and they turned back just over half way up bit harder a. Crampons and one ice axe between them the Rake if you slip, are.

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