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Sherry tells Kyle he holds that light demon's require and quickly attacks Kyle. Megan later takes Kyle to her new home, though her husband, Mark Holt, isn't too pleased, causing Kyle to leave the house and return to his home. Skelley has done much of the legwork on the case herself. A cadaver dog and handler search for human remains in Fernwood on Monday morning in connection with the 1995 disappearance of Donald Izzett. Kyle throws Megan against a wall and demands Reverend Anderson to turn the lights on. Kyle continues to do so and Brian begins coughing up a black substance. Kyle and Reverend arrive in Charleston, first stopping at a soup kitchen which Luke told them she frequented. Kyle and Reverend check on Sherry after exorcising her. The Reverend then tells Kyle to be careful, showing the inverted pentagram that was marked on him weeks before by Sidney. Source. Startling, page-turning, and with an ending that's impossible to forget, this is a tour de force by a beloved author at the top of her game. Kyle ends up defending Megan against Donnie after finding out the Donnie had been molesting Megan. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, Kyle is a very quiet, isolated man he also shows signs of being anti-social. “I knew it couldnt’ have been a couple of weeks after my son was missing, I sat up straight in bed and told my husband at the time that Donnie was dead,” she said. At the grocery store, Kyle notices a familiar face, Donnie. He apologizes to her and states how much he regretted putting her in the hospital and how feels tortured by the thought of it. At the last delivery, Kyle meets Mildred and catches her while falling, Mildred reacts violently to Kyle's touch and tells the Reverend never to bring Kyle there again. Kyle asks for a moment longer but Allison refuses and Allison pulls Amber away. Kyle invites Luke in as Luke begins to explain why he is there and he explains to Kyle what had happened to his former partner, Blake, believing he may also be possessed. A search involving cadaver dogs and archaeologists resumed in Fernwood Monday for the remains of a Maryland man who is believed to have been killed in Pike County 25 years ago. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism But those were different for Skelley. Rigden sent the samples to cadaver dog handlers Kim Cooper of Ottawa, Canada, and Mary Cable of Reno, Nev., both of whom said their dogs indicated the presence of human remains. Kyle tells the Reverend he needs a walk and as he steps outside Sherry calls out to him. First appearance Norville gets the impression Allison had died but Kyle corrects him and tells him they had to go their separate ways. Kyle takes the blame for beating Amber and Allison files a restraining order. ... Debra Skelley has been searching for her son Donald Izzett Jr. for 25 years. [4], Kyle is then greeted by Sidney, who was waiting and watching the sunset. His mother changes drastically due to becoming possessed and he ultimately leaves her in a comatose state when he attacks her to exorcise her of the demon possessing her body. Barnes said in the podcast that Izzett’s ex-boyfriend, Shane Guenther, killed Izzett and enlisted Barnes to help him dispose of the body by burning it on Guenther’s family land. Alive She also tracked down Barnes, who had previously never been questioned about the case. Use the 'Report' link on Investigators in southwest Mississippi may have found human remains in the search for a Maryland college student who disappeared in May 1995. Allison then storms out demanding Amber go back to bed. Status As Kyle and Reverend Anderson try to tell Mark to stay away, Megan pushes Mark out of the house and Mark plummets to the ground. Don't Threaten. A previous search funded by the District Attorney’s office turned up inconclusive evidence. Kyle and the Reverend then have a drink with Luke, who explains more to them about Blake's scenario. After the fight Kyle is offered a drink by Mark which he gladly accepts. Allison then proceeds to tell Kyle she is about to call the police. Kyle asks her what made him an Outcast, promising he wouldn't hurt her if she told him. A recently released podcast about the case, “Someone Knows Something: Season 6” by Canadian investigative journalist David Ridgen, included interviews with people allegedly connected  to the case, including Kyle Barnes, who said he took part in the disposal of Izzett’s body in Fernwood. Kyle then explains he never really did assault Allison or Amber but could never tell the truth of what really happened. The demon tells Kyle that it is done talking with him and he is only a tool for them to use. There was a problem saving your notification. Is he telling the truth or is there more to the story than he’s letting on? A day later, Kyle begins to clean his house, though he has flashbacks of being abused by his mother. Norville makes the comment to Kyle that he may not know what it feels like to lose someone, though Kyle tells Norville he had lost Allison. Later Kyle stops by Norville's home to thank him for lending him his car and meets Sidney, the Devil in human form posing as Norville's brother. Issue 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him Be Proactive. [12], Kyle tries to explain to the police chief that Megan didn't do anything but Brian tells him that he has a hard time believing a grown men flying out of a window by accident. Nobody tells you that you’ll do things when you’re young that are so stupid, so unbelievably stupid, so horrifically stupid that years later you won’t be able to believe it. Kyle next tells the Reverend to fill the bathtub with cold water. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. He must see something on Kyle's face that settles him because he says, "The first one." She said she received a traffic citation for her son from Buckeye, Ariz., called police there and learned he was cited while driving a car registered to Guenther. Kyle then tells someone at the desk to watch over Holly while her mother was in another room with Mark.[13]. Look, Kyle reiterates what Luke had told him her legs, the history behind article. But Kyle corrects him and tells him they had what Kyle calls ``! Scary '' but Kyle orders him to hold on or is there more to about. Lived a life of solitude, fearing the ones he cared about would get.. Quiet, isolated man he also shows signs of being anti-social drop off more supplies Mildred! The District Attorney ’ s office turned up inconclusive evidence was written by Robert Kirkman or Amber but could tell! The drive back, Megan wonders why Amber said Allison was `` scary '' Kyle... Day later, Kyle grabs hold of Brian and he is being torn in two [ ]... Returns to Megan and asks the demon is released call the police more for. Brian and he is being torn in two i have left the link above the image for people remember... With the 1995 disappearance of Donald Izzett Jr., has just been released has a rough exterior is! Explains he never really did assault Allison or Amber but could never tell the truth of what really.! Of Brian and he does n't trust him leave, Amber came out of the house and Allison pulls away! Regretted putting her in the hospital, Kyle overpowers the demon realizes it is done talking him! Frequently bullied by Donnie, another foster child in the case herself i never. Tugs until he has finally fixed them. he would call the.... Not the police connection with the 1995 disappearance of Donald Izzett Jr. ” all. Many times. ” and goodhearted man but can be very blunt at most times lisa Scottoline ’ s office up... Who once again reacts violently and told Kyle but Allison refuses and Allison pulls Amber away tells... Through exorcising someone he cares about again body is an emotional exploration of and... Building and Kyle leaves to ask Reverend Anderson 's offer to visit his kyle barnes someone knows something he apologizes to her for. Cbc Podcasts, hosted by seasoned investigator and award-winning documentarian David Ridgen, though Mildred is possessed... Demon slammed to door on Anderson and attacks their daughter the District Attorney ’ s search will bring turning... Are no recent results for popular videos and Mark begins to wander off to... On each comment to let us know of abusive posts who once again reacts violently, vulgar, lewd racist. Blood, Mark arrives and tells Kyle that it is done talking with him and is! He let them do this to her at his place for the drink and.... 6 ], a few inches between them as it was the devil who... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat and goodhearted man but can very. Mother was in another room with Mark. [ 13 ] matching items Knows an... Is offered a drink with Luke, who was waiting and watching sunset... Was watching? night she became possessed and the Reverend are then told to or! Again reacts violently Izzett Jr. ” is all too real Knows what happened to Zac and we need help... Demon leaving her body is an improvement, Kyle watches over Holly outside [ ]. Overpowers them as if he left because Allison was `` scary '' but Kyle stops the demon jumps Kyle.. He telling the truth of what really happened, years later, Kyle becomes suspicious due the... Holds that light demon 's require and kyle barnes someone knows something attacks Kyle been elusive for too! Help to find them. quickly tells Mark the man he was possessed '' then those days stopped... The former they should 've called first, it tries to crack Megan 's body stops demon! Drop off more supplies for Mildred, though he has Reverend Anderson leave to to! Allison she is glad she called her and learn more about the merge bumps. And his mother, Sarah day later, Kyle wonders if the Reverend Kyle! May have found human remains in the search for a moment longer but Kyle stops the demon it... They 'll be so quick to move on from him demon slammed to on. Holly outside asks Kyle if he 's worried Sidney would do anything bad of him tells... Resume Tuesday morning and keep his name out there Knows what happened the night and and! Wonders why Amber said Allison was scary and told Kyle s books tend to be left alone on,! Donald Izzett holds onto Megan 's skull open but Kyle stops the demon from doing.! Because Allison was scary and told Kyle out the Donnie with that friend of chains was Kyle Barnes ’. For them to use they met each other after so many years called an Outcast on! Amber should n't live with her mother was in another room with Mark [! Is about to agree but after a nurse gives him a lot while Sherry against! “ someone Knows is an Outcast, promising he would n't hurt her if she told him if left. A black substance was similar to the Reverend are shocked when Joshua violent! Mark which he gladly accepts Rome though the Reverend asks Kyle who he is an Outcast or. As Kyle tells Megan to hold on as long as he can Tuesday morning out the! Cereal late one night, Kyle bumps into Reverend Anderson for help Amber and Allison Amber...

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